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A quality villain: creating an image of the antagonist

This is basic. Accordingly, to create a multi-layered image of a memorable villain, you need the following:

History - how he was formed, why he was drawn to the dark side, what goals he pursues, what motives drive him.

Even if the villain is an insane maniac with congenital pathologies...then at least explain this - congenital. And PayForEssay add that he's always had oddities, and certain unpleasant events have developed them and exacerbated them.

A little less gimmicky.

Two or three cool and grounded skills are enough. The villain has to seem defeatable.

Half-tones and weaknesses are a must.

Fear of cockroaches, doubts about methods or outcome, respect for the hero and acceptance of his strength, reverence for a teacher or elderly people, love for a woman or his children, having friends-advisors-friends-why not? It would make the villain live, real, full-blooded.

More "justifications" about "how," "why," and "why not." Also, the villain should have his own truth and belief in it.

Age-appropriateness and the stated requirements.

Age is a must. Many authors choose a 100- or 200-year-old villain, and then attribute to him the fears and the flings of a 20-year-old boy. And the demands - of course. No one is spared - so no one is spared. Insane - so he must act outside the box, contrary to logic and common sense, and in everything.

And the most important thing, of course, statistics homework help is the presence of clear and justified goals, reasons for their appearance, motives for villainy and other "why". And if the villain has his own philosophy - about how the world should be arranged, what people should be like, what is justice, good and evil, love and friendship, light and darkness - that's just great.

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