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Making Assignments for the Thesis

In most cases, the student completes this form. For the qualitative implementation of this stage, the student will have to visit the department or take a sample to fill out form his curator. The easiest way is to find a similar completed form on the Internet or contact specialists (organizations for writing diplomas, stock exchanges, etc.). All information in the form starts on a new line. This approach simplifies the perception of information about who and what was prepared, approved, when the work was started and completed.

A mandatory attribute of a document is the source data. In this section, you must specify the list of sources used, which the author of the study relied on when creating the project. This does not mean that the list of references should be copied here. It reflects the main works on which the student relied while writing the graduation project. Usually, their number varies from 3 to 5 pieces. Sources must be designed in accordance with the guidelines.

It is not recommended to indicate textbooks among the main used literature. It is better to indicate the works of contemporary authors, relevant articles, monographs, dissertations on the topic of the diploma. Please note that the date of publication of the source should not exceed 5 years.

If the practical part of the graduation project is based on the real data of any enterprise, then it must also be indicated in the task. It is important to reflect the organizational and legal form of the organization, its name. If the company is little known, then it is necessary to make a full transcript of its name and give a brief description of its activities (in which area or industry it operates, what it produces). This document must contain only reliable information. The graduation project will have to bear the seal of the very organization that is indicated as the object of research and written in the assignment form.

It would be nice if the manager or your mentor at the enterprise provides a description in which he emphasizes your merits, professional and human qualities. This document can be attached to the graduation project or practice report. The finished task form is checked by the supervisor, and then sent to the department. It should be noted that this document is mandatory. In many universities, in his absence, a student may not be allowed to defend.

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