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Identifying a Good Full-size Platform Bed Frame

You must bear in mind that you spend a large part of your life sleeping and many people watch television or work from their bed. This just means that you should choose a good bed base and a quality mattress. But, which full size platform bed base should you choose? Does any material go well with your mattress? What structure will best support your weight? We are going to treat that in this guide.

Identifying A Good Full-size Platform Bed Frame

1. Frame Size and Room Space: A platform bed should enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. In the case of an oversized bed, it's absurd. Also, you'll be left with a very small space to place furniture and move around. However, an undersized bed will reduce the aesthetics of your bedroom. Finally, choose a bed that'll give enough allowance for movement and furniture.

2. Height of Platform Bed after Placing Mattress: You should take your height and the bed's height into consideration before making a purchase because there is an interconnection. When you're about to get into a bed that's too high, you'll end up having problems if you're a short person.

3. Dimensions: What's the height of the tallest user? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before making a purchase. A tall user's legs will come out of the area bound. You should buy a frame that's beyond the tallest user's height.

4. Manufacturing Material: There are 3 types of materials used to make bed frames: Metal, wood, and an hybrid of wood and metal. These materials are sturdy but the metal bed frame is the best due to it's strength and durability. Meanwhile, it all depends on your preference.

5. Storage Space: Depending on the availability of space in your bedroom and your preference, you can go for platform beds with integrated storage. This storage unit can be used to store various things such as your seasonal clothes, bedsheets, e.t.c.

6. Other Accessories: Although they should only be taken into consideration when necessary, however, a good platform bed full frame should have the following:

• 6 feet for stability

• Non-skid caps on the feet to prevent skidding and scratching on the floor.

• Headboard

• Footboard

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Full-size Platform Bed Frame

Where can I buy the best bed frame?

To buy a good bed frame, contact specialists, online or in store. There are many specialist bedding vendors such as Tediber, Emma or IKEA. Beware of little-known brands that offer great features! Low prices often hide unpleasant surprises. Sleeping well is necessary for good health, so don't sacrifice your sleep!

What is the price of a good bed?

The price of a bed varies depending on the make and model. For a quality bed, count around $400 for a single bed, $600 for a double bed, $1,000 for a Queen Size bed, and $1,200 for a King Size bed. In general, the more expensive a bed, the better it will be, with some exceptions.


As a major element of the bedroom, the platform bed frame full frame is essential for sleeping well, just like the mattress, pillows, or duvet. However, choosing a bed that suits your budget and your needs is not easy. Color, materials, shape, size, or even height, the choice is so varied that it is difficult to navigate. When thinking about buying a bed and the setup seems complicated, consider checking the materials used, design, aesthetics, and if it can be delivered and assembled in your home.



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