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Mejores Alianzas, Mejores Bosques
(Better Alliances, Better Forests)

This program consists on a Platform for Territorial Collaboration that helps articulating strategic alliances towards decision-making to contribute to integrated landscape management and connectivity of natural resources. It also has the purpose of ensuring ecosystem services for big cities close to forests.

With 10 years of operability in the Mexican territory, Better Alliances, Better Forests, promotes actions with a long-term perspective, with a progressive growth rate, and scaling-up from the local to the national level.


Our Goal


To strengthen territorial governance using integrated landscape management for ensuring connectivity of natural resources in the surrounding areas of major cities.

  • We create bridges between government, private companies and ejidos and local communities

  • We implement activities for forest conservation and restoration

  • We develop projects that maximize the environmental, social and economic benefits that Mexican forests provide

  • We contribute to connectivity, conservation, climate and hydric resources

We invite you to adopt a tree through a donation of $160.00 MXN. With your contribution we will plant a tree in a Mexican forest during the adequate reforestation season. People from the local communities will be in charge of the tree plantation and will give care and maintenance during 3 years.


With your contribution you are positively impacting our environment and local communities' development.

Together, we ensurance more and better forests for sustaintable development.

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